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About Geske

About Geske

Geske trained at the School of Decorative Art (now Denmark’s Design School) in Copenhagen during the 1970’s.
Following graduation, she worked in her studio with tapestry, lace-making, and machine embroidery.
In 1980 she moved to Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, and began making knitted clothing.  She sold her designs in shops on Bornholm and all over Denmark.

In the ‘90’s she took a break from designing and making knitwear.  Then, in 1999 she was taken by an urge and desire that she could not ignore, and once again began designing and knitting.  She bought a Brother knitting machine and started to experiment with yarn, colours, patterns, and designs.
Geske finds her inspiration in historical clothing and its craftsmanship, which she then translates into timeless contemporary designs.
The designs are knitted in the jacquard technique, a double knitting that binds the yarn on the back of the fabric, preventing the snagging of stitches when taking the garment off and on.
“The craftsmanship -- the process of working with my knitting machine to discover what it can do -- to the nurturing and development of a small detail of a design -- this is what fascinates me”.
Geske’s objective is to create high quality, timeless  designs  that can be worn year after year.

Cardigans and jackets inspired by historic clothing, with a contemporary interpretation, 

Jackets and cardigans inspired by the present,

One-of-a-kind designs for exhibitions.